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It is well with my soul

on October 9, 2013

Some friends of ours from church’s mom passed away yesterday. While writing them a card I prayed for a verse to
come to mind to give them for some extra comfort. However no verse came to mind just a hymn ” It is well with my soul”. In my research to find the concordance for the verse that goes with the song I find that ” It is well with my soul” is not a verse in the Bible but I did find a devotional written about the hymn and it’s back story. Link here( )
The man that wrote the hymn had just been through a big financial crisis and also lost his only son. Then only a short while later loses his four daughters after the ship they were on sank. Amazingly he still managed to write this song and have all this tremendous tragedy be well with his soul. Even though I was praying for something for my friend I realize God meant it for me as well. A few days ago our car broke down and last night our dishwasher broke and we have company coming tonight for dinner and another meal to make for our friends and quite frankly I was being a baby about our situation ( sorry Lucas). I only have to wash some dishes by hand! I have clothes and food and most importantly all my family is alive. The thought of even losing one child is agonizing. I cry at the fact I can be so petty and not rejoice and thank the Lord when these inconveniences happen as they are only little. And even though they are little things, God still is here no matter how big or small. He has changed a some things around in my day making not having a dishwasher be ok. And there are many more things He has done for me just today that have happened just at the right time. Praise God. So forgive me Lord and when really hard times come in my life, as I’m sure they will, I pray that I can also say ” It is well with my soul”.


2 responses to “It is well with my soul

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow Holly, very we’ll put! You have a way of putting things that makes people think. Keep writing cause I’m sure people will benefit from your wisdom…I know I do!

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